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Competitor Analysis

The arena of digital marketing has become extremely competitive as more and more companies are joining the bandwagon.That is why business owners find it very difficult to keep up with their competitors as each company tries to do something different to gain an edge above the rest. To develop a comprehensive strategy, it is therefore essential to understand the various ways in which your competitors outperform you and vice-versa. Competitive Analysis is nothing but an in-depth study of the digital properties that your search competitors possess. We, at SEO Advice do not just concentrate on your offline competitors but also focus on those who rank better than your business in the search engine results. It is an extremely dynamic process and can never be reduced to a one time performance.

The experts at SEO Advice continuously examine the various Social Media and Search factors of your business by comparing them to that of the competitors We believe that following this procedure every three or four months would keep your business on its toes and alert us immediately if any rival company crosses any of the benchmarks. Contact us to seek the assistance of our experts and be a step ahead all the time.