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Three Great Tips For Using Instagram

Most everyone will agree that Instagram is an excellent marketing tool that can help to increase brand awareness but like other social networking sites, you have to use it the right way. If you want to achieve the best results when using Instagram to market your company, you have to consider several different things. For example, you can’t just post random images and expect to get results. You need some type of marketing plan to help keep you organized.

These three great tips for using Instagram will help you get the most from your online marketing efforts.

Just like with any other social networking site, you need to post regularly to your site or users will get bored and stop following you. When they visit your site, they expect to see something new and interesting, not the same thing you had posted last week or last month. If they visit two or three times and nothing has changed, odds are they won’t bother to come back again and why should they?

Users have many options when it comes to viewing videos so why should they keep visiting an account that very seldom offers them anything new. It’s a waste of time for them. It’s also a big reason why companies lose followers. For this reason, it’s very important that you have the time to post new content often or that you have the means to hire someone dependable to do the posting for you.

Use High Quality Images

When you talk about high quality photos, the first thing you might think of is the image itself. You do need to use good, quality photos that viewers can see clearly but that’s not all that it means. High quality also means choosing photos that are fun, interesting or informative. You want to engage the viewers by providing photos of something worthy of their time. You can use photos of your products, your staff members or customers using your products but they have to be industry related in some way.

Use Authentic Photos

The photos that you use on your site are just as important as how often you post. Your fans will expect to see new images from you on a regular basis and you don’t want to disappoint them. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure your company has enough variety and the means to post new interesting photos on a regular basis. If you want to increase your number of followers you can’t post the same things repeatedly because it’s boring and viewers will lose interest very quickly.

However, you can’t post just anything either. The images you post must be real photos about your business, staff and products or something that has to do with the industry. Authenticity is very important because using anything that is not real will discredit your company and it will have a negative impact on your business.

Using authentic, high quality photos and posting regularly can help you gain more followers and it will help to keep them interested in your company.

Suzanne Collins has the knowledge and experience to help businesses use Instagram successfully.